By Sean Ellis

Join our new cohort of GoPractice that starts on March 10th and upskill to more effectively acquire, engage and retain customers.

The first cohort of GoPractice wrapped up in December, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive (see bottom of the page for some of the feedback). Members in the 12-week program participated in an immersive simulation that helped develop their data, product, and marketing skills. During the simulation, they overcame many challenges to driving growth in a startup. Throughout the program, they analyzed Amplitude data to uncover opportunities and build experiments to accelerate customer growth. In addition to the self-paced simulator, participants also joined weekly 1.5 hour live sessions with Oleg Yakubenkov (former Facebook data scientist) and me to expand learning and discuss how they could apply it directly to their businesses.

While most participants praised the program’s depth and breadth, some said it was too intensive. They needed to balance running companies or leading growth, product, or data teams. While they understood that productivity gains of improved skills would make up for time spent in the program, in the short term, they were struggling to find enough hours in the week.

So the GoPractice team put our heads together to work on a solution. We decided to start the cohort with a skills assessment test. The test would allow participants to speed through the topics they are already strong in and identify the blind spots to focus their energies. This skills assessment will help future program participants get much more value from GoPractice in less time.

We will release the final version of this skills assessment with our next cohort that starts March 10th. Sign up to join the cohort at

In the meantime, if you are interested in identifying your growth strengths and weaknesses, we are looking for people to help us test the exam. It takes about 45 minutes to complete. Reach out to me if you are interested in being a tester.

Below is some feedback from just a few of our first cohort members…

  • “It’s been a great time studying the Data-driven Product Management course prepared by Oleg Yakubenkov, Sean Ellis and GoPractice, Inc. It’s literally changed my mindset on product management. Thanks a lot!” Emil Balashov CO-FOUNDER AT BORDERLESS360
  • “Amazing time with GoPractice, Inc! Highly engaging course — lots of real-life stories and examples, helpful links, unlimited hands-on experience with analytic tools and data, furiously complex tasks. Strongly recommend!” Gleb Khorunzhiy SENIOR EXPERIENCE DESIGNER AT EPAM SYSTEMS
  • “Recently completed the GoPractice, Inc. course! It’s been one of the most memorable learning experiences from the hand of great professionals.” Arnau Ruiz Ferrer GAME DESIGNER AND LIVEOPS AT ZEPTOLABS
  • “The GoPractice, Inc team have created a fantastic learning tool for anyone working on Product. The Simulator format allows you to put theory into data-driven practice. This course brought home innumerable insights into the often winding path towards finding product/market fit and sustainable company growth.”  Brent Viljoen CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER – YOLA
  • “I just completed the Go Practice course, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the opportunity. The course is so well thought out and valuable, and the story format just makes the whole experience compelling and enjoyable. I really wish I had taken this years ago. I can only imagine how much more effective I would have been in my product-marketing roles had I had this knowledge to build from. I doubt there is anyone working to develop a product that would not find value in this course.” Ethan Garr FORMER HEAD OF PRODUCT AND GROWTH AT ROBOKILLER